About AIPI

Research and Policy Analysis

AIPI is a think-tank with a primary focus on public policy analysis and research. We have expertise in telecommunications, communications, broadband, digital inclusion, technology for language retention, and technology as the backbone for community and economic development, and communications technology. We disseminate our work via outcomes to be disseminated in policy briefs, newsletters, lectured, conference presentations, and white papers.

Education and Training

AIPI is known nationally for our Tribal Economic Leadership Program (and partnership with NAFOA)  and for our award-winning entrepreneurship classes, which serve as the foundation for Inno-NATIONS the first urban tribal business accelerator in the nation.

Community Engagement

Community and economic development is vital to Indian Country. We support Native nation-building as an exercise of sovereignty by tribal nations. We work with tribal communities, tribal organizations, and organizations serving tribes.

Language and Culture

The AIPI is supportive of Tribal goals for language and culture retention.  We see this as a holistic part of community and economic development.  Technology holds great promise for Native language revitalization.