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September 2019 Policy Update

Both Chambers of Congress reconvened for regular business following the Labor Day Holiday on September 9th. Following Congress' return to regular business the National Congress of American Indians hosted its annual Tribal Unity Impact Days comprised of tribal leaders from across the country to hear from Members of Congress and schedule meetings to discuss Indian Country's legislative priorities. Meetings were held September 10-11, 2019, with a Tribal leader Briefing held on Tuesday, September 10th, at the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs hearing room in the Dirksen Senate Office Building. 

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August 2019 Policy Update

The House of Representatives was on a District Work schedule beginning July 29th while the Senate concluded regular business until also recessing on August 5th. Both Chambers of Congress will reconvene for regular business following the Labor Day Holiday on September 9th.

This Policy Update instead provides information on 6 Federal Register Notices with tribal implications that were issued by Federal departments and agencies during the August Congressional recess. View the 'Federal Policy Update' section below for more information on these Federal Register Notices.

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July 2019 Policy Update

Beginning July 29th the House of Representatives is on a District Work schedule and will not be holding any votes until it reconvenes on September 9th. The Senate is conducting regular business before it also goes in recess from August 5th until September 9th. This week the Senate will attempt to confirm 19 of President Trump's judicial nominations as well as a spending cap and debt limit bill that was passed by the House of Representatives on July 25th.


The 54th State of Arizona Legislature convened for its 2019 First Regular Session on January 14, 2019, and adjourned Sine Die on May 28, 2019.

There have been 10 bills filed or introduced with tribal implications since the 54th Arizona State Legislature convened - 3 of these bills became law. To view the full list and analyses of these bills, Click Here.

June 2019 Policy Update

The House of Representatives and the Senate reconvened for normal business on Monday, June 3. Both Chambers of Congress tended to District and State work following the May 27, Memorial Day Holiday. During the month of June the House Subcommittee for Indigenous Peoples held a Legislative Hearing to receive testimony on four bills while the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs held a Business Meeting to consider two bills and a Legislative Hearing to receive testimony on five bills. For a complete overview of these hearings and other congressional and administrative activity - View This Month's AIPI Policy Update.