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July 2019 Policy Update

Beginning July 29th the House of Representatives is on a District Work schedule and will not be holding any votes until it reconvenes on September 9th. The Senate is conducting regular business before it also goes in recess from August 5th until September 9th. This week the Senate will attempt to confirm 19 of President Trump's judicial nominations as well as a spending cap and debt limit bill that was passed by the House of Representatives on July 25th.


The 54th State of Arizona Legislature convened for its 2019 First Regular Session on January 14, 2019, and adjourned Sine Die on May 28, 2019.

There have been 10 bills filed or introduced with tribal implications since the 54th Arizona State Legislature convened - 3 of these bills became law. To view the full list and analyses of these bills, Click Here.

June 2019 Policy Update

The House of Representatives and the Senate reconvened for normal business on Monday, June 3. Both Chambers of Congress tended to District and State work following the May 27, Memorial Day Holiday. During the month of June the House Subcommittee for Indigenous Peoples held a Legislative Hearing to receive testimony on four bills while the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs held a Business Meeting to consider two bills and a Legislative Hearing to receive testimony on five bills. For a complete overview of these hearings and other congressional and administrative activity - View This Month's AIPI Policy Update.

May 2019 Legislative Update

The House of Representatives and the Senate recessed on Thursday, May 23 for the Memorial Day Holiday weekend. Both Chambers will tend to District and State work following the Holiday from May 28 through May 31 and will reconvene for regular business on June 4.

May was a busy month for both chambers, especially for the consideration of American Indian and Alaska Native affairs. Nine hearings were held and 29 bills concerning tribal issues were considered by the House and Senate - for a full overview of these considerations view the Federal Legislative Update Sectionof this AIPI update.

Law Passes in Arizona Establishing MMIWG Task Force
Arizona Governor Doug Ducey on May 14 signed a bill to create an Arizona Task Force on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG). The task force will be comprised of tribal members, tribal police, social worker, victim advocates, and others. It is tasked with establishing standardized methods for gathering data in MMIWG cases. Detailed information and data about MMIWG are difficult or impossible to find because they are not well-documented. It is the goal of the task force to understand the problem and its magnitude more fully in the state.
Drought Contingency Plan Signed in Arizona
On May 20, representatives from seven states, the federal government, and tribal governments met on the Hoover Dam overlooking Lake Mead for a ceremonial signing of the Drought Contingency Plan. The plan is an effort to conserve water stored in Lake Mead and Lake Powell to prevent drastic water reductions for downstream users. The plan was approved by Congress in April and signed by President Donald Trump on April 16. The ceremonial signing illustrates the high degree of cooperation that took place between the federal government, states, and tribes.

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