February 2017 Newsletter

February 3, 2017
Greetings from AIPI Director

What a whirlwind this first month of the year has been! We’ve been busy here at AIPI as you’ll see from the stories below. But, I look forward to this year of growth and despite the many changes happening, I believe that AIPI is well positioned for the future as we work towards our commitment of service to tribes and tribal organizations.  We invite you to take a look at what we’re doing; reach out to us; follow us on social media; or send us an email. Let us hear from you.

As always, Chokmashki (Thanks),

Dr. Traci Morris



ASU American Indian Policy Institute Launches Inno-NATIONS Initiative to Support Native American Businesses

Inno-Nations Tribal Business Collision Community


PHOENIX, AZ - The American Indian Policy Institute (AIPI) at Arizona State University (ASU), in collaboration with ASU’s Entrepreneurship + InnovationThe Department co-working space, Maricopa County Small Business Development Center, and The Visionary Business Magazine, announces the Inno-NATIONS Tribal Business Collision Community — an inter-tribal initiative championing tribal entrepreneurship and economic development across Arizona.

Inno-Nations Tribal Collision Business Community

The Inno-Nations Tribal Business Collision Community will be housed at the The Department in downtown Phoenix 

"This innovative community we are building is really needed in Arizona and in the country. There are no other spaces like it.  In fact, there are few tribal incubators in the country and it is the first of its kind in the nation. The Phoenix area has a very large urban Indian population with a strong commitment to tribal business owners and is surrounded by tribes with tribal enterprises. Now is the time and this is the place,” said Dr. Traci Morris, AIPI Director and Inno-NATIONS founder.
By spearheading innovative partnerships and leveraging resources from ASU, tribes, and community organizations, game-changers at Inno-NATIONS hope the “collision community” will cause a ripple effect of change in tribal communities. The goal is to support up-and-coming Native American entrepreneurs and ignite enterprises to fuel sustainable tribal economies by rejuvenating and modernizing traditional trade networks.
“One of our biggest priorities at ASU is to help diverse entrepreneurs succeed through culturally relevant programming,” said Ji Mi Choi, Associate Vice President for Strategic Partnerships and Programs. “Inno-NATIONS will support native entrepreneurs to foster solutions that meet the needs of their communities and create economic impact.”
The Inno-NATIONS program will be housed at the startup hotspot, The Department, in downtown Phoenix and will have kick-off events on March 1 and 4, 2017 with a 3-day pilot cohort starting in June 2017.
“This is such an exciting and unique endeavor for Indian Country,” said Nathan Pryor, Chair of the AIPI Advisory Board. “Native people have always been entrepreneurs; Inno-NATIONS will provide the means to grow more formalized tribal businesses through dynamic and contemporary means. We are overwhelmed from the positive support that Inno-NATIONS has received from ASU as we launch this new economic opportunity.”
For more information on the Inno-NATIONS program, steps to apply or become a partner, visit Inno-Nations.org, email Inno-Nations@asu.edu, or call 480-965-1055.


AIPI's Research & Policy Analyst Selected
for Federal Committees

Brian Howard, Research & Policy AnalystBrian Howard, AIPI Research & Policy Analyst, was appointed on January 3 by the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) to represent NCAI on the Department of Homeland Security SAFECOM Executive Committee and the FirstNet Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC). As the NCAI Appointee to these Federal Committees, Brian will be responsible for relaying tribal public safety concerns regarding communications network deployment, policy development, tribal infrastructure and technology issues, and protocols recognizing tribal sovereignty. He will also Chair the FirstNet Tribal Working Group, which provides recommendations to FirstNet for outreach and coordination with tribal governments and public safety departments.
About the Department of Homeland Security SAFECOM Executive Committee
The Department of Homeland Security SAFECOM Executive Committee serves as the leadership of SAFECOM, a group of public policy leaders that develop procedures for the improvement of public safety communications for first responders at the local, tribal, state, territorial, and federal levels. As NCAI’s Appointee to the SAFECOM Executive Committee, Brian will be responsible for providing tribal insight and recommendations in the establishment of federal protocols and guidance inclusive of tribal jurisdictions, emergency response, law enforcement, and public safety. For more information please visit, https://www.dhs.gov/safecom/safecom-executive-committee-ec.
About the FirstNet Public Safety Advisory Committee
The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) was established in February 2012 as an independent authority within the Department of Commerce. Pursuant to the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012, FirstNet was required to establish a Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) to assist FirstNet in the creation and deployment of a nationwide interoperable communications network dedicated to local, state, tribal, and federal public safety entities. The PSAC is comprised of 43 members representing organizations from all disciplines of public safety as well as local, state, territorial, tribal, and federal governments. For more information please visit, http://www.firstnet.gov/consultation/public-safety-advisory-committee.



Sovereignty and E-Commerce Conference: Renovating and Reshaping the Borders of Indian Country  February 2-3, 2017  |  Sponsored by ASU Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law   |  Wildhorse Pass Hotel & Casino  |  Chandler AZ 

USET/USET SPF Impact Week  |  February 6-9, 2017  |  Sponsored by United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc.   |  Crystal Gateway Marriott  |  Arlington, VA 

2017 State of Indian Nations  |  February 13, 2017  |  Sponsored by National Congress of American Indians   |  Newseum, 555 Pennsylvania Ave.  |  Washington, D.C.   

2017 Executive Council Winter Session  February 13-16, 2017  |  Sponsored by National Congress of American Indians   |  Capital Hilton  |  Washington, D.C.   

2017 Native Diabetes Prevention Conference  |  February 13-15, 2017  | Sponsored by American Indian Institute at the University of Oklahoma   |  Hilton Phoenix/Mesa  |  Mesa, AZ  

Tribal Interior Budget Council   February 16, 2017  |  Sponsored by National Congress of American Indians   |  Capital Hilton  |  Washington, D.C.   


59th Annual Heard Museum Fair and Market    |  March 4-6, 2017  |  Sponsored by Heard Museum |  2301 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

National RES (Reservation Economic Summit) Las Vegas  |  March 13-16, 2017 |  Sponsored by the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development  |  The Mirage, Las Vegas, NV

UN Commission on the Status of Women, Focus Area: Empowerment of Indigenous Women  |  March 14-23, 2017 | New York, NY

Tribal Interior Budget Council   March 21-23, 2017  |  Sponsored by National Congress of American Indians   |  Washington Plaza  |  Washington, D.C.

Indian Land Tenure Foundation - 7th Tribal Land Staff National Conference   |  March 21-23, 2017  |  Sponsored by National Tribal Land Association   |  Tamaya Resort & Spa  |  Santa Fe, NM 

Women of Color STEM Entrepreneurship Conference  March 23-25, 2017  |  Sponsored by the ASU Center for Gender Equity in Science & Technology  |  Gateway Community College |  Phoenix, AZ


NICWA Annual Conference  |  April 2-5, 2017  |  Sponsored by National Indian Child Welfare Association |  San Diego, CA

Federal Bar Association's Indian Law Conference   |  April 6-7, 2017  |  Sponsored by Federal Bar Association  |  Talking Stick Resort   |  Scottsdale, AZ

Thirteenth Annual Southeast Indian Studies Conference  |  April 6-7, 2017  |  University of North Carolina-Pembroke 

NIGA Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention  |  April 10-13, 2017  |  Sponsored by the National Indian Gaming Association  |  San Diego Convention Center  |  San Diego, CA

2017 Annual Tribal Self-Governance Consultation Conference   |  April 23-27, 2017  |  Spokane Convention Center |  Spokane, WA

UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues  |  April 23-27, 2017  |  New York, NY 

NAFOA 35th Annual Spring Conference  |  April 24-25, 2017  | Sponsored by the Native American Finance Officers Association  |  Hilton Union Square  |  San Francisco, CA

2017 AISES Leadership Summit  |  April 27-29, 2017  |  Wild Horse Pass Casino & Resort  |  Chandler, AZ