Vote-by-Mail: Balancing Promise with Prudence

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Election day is right around the corner. With the nation living under the shadow of COVID-19, and an expectation that it will continue to be a presence well into autumn, officials are scrambling to ensure the November 2020 general election proceeds as smoothly and safely as possible. How are tribes involved with 2020 election processes? As states eye vote-by-mail solutions, our new policy overview emphasizes the need for tribal voices in creating equitable election systems. Our latest publication encourages elections officials to balance the promise of vote-by-mail (VBM) with prudent, inclusive decision-making. 

Vote-by-Mail: Balancing Promise with Prudence examines the benefits of vote-by-mail efforts and the potential pitfalls of being overly reliant on VBM systems without sufficient and representative tribal input in the creation of equitable elections processes. Mail-in ballots alleviate some of the burdens of in-person voting, says author and AIPI Graduate Policy Assistant Coby Klar, but may present additional obstacles for many tribal residents who have unconventional addresses or difficulty understanding English language ballots. 

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Vote-by-Mail Balancing Promise with Prudence