Indigenous Leadership Academy

ILA 2022 Spring Cohort

Phoenix, Ariz. — The American Indian Policy Institute (AIPI) is thrilled to announce the inaugural cohort of the Indigenous Leadership Academy (ILA)! With a focus on emerging leaders, there has never been a leadership program like this before in the country. There are 11 tribes represented in this group of 27 individuals. All participants live in Arizona and have a passion for working with and for Indigenous communities. Some topics that the participants are passionate about are: politics, justice, healthcare, behavioral health, education, Tribal infrastructure, cultural preservation, and business, just to name a few. 

We are excited to have such a diverse group of participants. The American Indian Policy Institute is delighted to see what wonderful things this cohort will accomplish. Please read about each cohort member below.

 Meet the Cohort!

The American Indian Policy Institute (AIPI) is proud to announce the creation of the Indigenous Leadership Academy with support from Arizona Public Service. The goal of the Academy is to work with emerging Indigenous leaders from throughout Arizona by expanding their knowledge, skills, and networks to address long-term issues faced by Indigenous governments, communities, associations, and corporations, located within the state of Arizona. The program will inspire and motivate participants in how to execute strategies and lead change. There is no comparable program in the Nation.

Upon completing this program, participants will be able to:

●      Demonstrate an understanding of effective leadership practices that are contextually situated and culturally framed;

●      Analyze and reflect on multiple case studies and models of Indigenous leadership;

●      Utilize data and leverage resources effectively; 

●      Improve communication and representation of self and community;

●      Examine strategies for facilitating collaborations, fostering partnerships, and building consensus; 

●      Design personalized leadership and project/program action plans.

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Snapshot view of module topics:

●      1/29/22 Module 1: Indigenous Leadership Practices

●      2/3/22 Module 2: Understanding Political and Economic Contexts in Indian Country

●      2/10/22 Module 3: Research, Data, and Indigenous Knowledge

●      2/17/22 Module 4: Innovation and Sustainable Enterprise-Building

●      2/24/22 Module 5: Response and Responsibility

●      3/3/22 Module 6: Communicating Your Story and Exhibiting Professional Etiquette

●      3/10/22 Module 7: Building Relationships and Growing Your Network

●      3/17/22 Module 8: Bridging Differences and Fostering Consensus

●      3/24/22 Module 9: Community-Centered Management Practices

●      3/26/22 Module 10: Developing Leadership Capacity and Looking to the Future

The Indigenous Leadership Academy (ILA) is delighted to announce the facilitator and guest speaker for the first class. Dr. Angela Gonzales, who is a Thought Leaders Fellow at the American Indian Policy Institute, will be the facilitator. Monica Nuvamsa will be the first guest speaker for ILA. You can read more about the facilitator and guest speaker below.

Angela Gonzales (Hopi), is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Transformation and inaugural Fellow in the American Indian Policy Institute’s Thought Leaders Program at Arizona State University. As a community-engaged, interdisciplinary scholar, her research interests cut across and integrate the fields of Sociology, Indigenous Studies, and Public Health. Over the past two...