Thought Leaders Fellowship Program

About the Fellowships

The ASU American Indian Policy Institute (AIPI) offers a wide-range of fellowship programs for professionals, university alumnae, community leaders, and graduate students an opportunity to participate in knowledge sharing through the AIPI Fellowship Program.  Through the use of focused research and knowledge-driven inquiry, the TLFP offers opportunities for selected fellows to interact with tribal leaders, industry experts, university professionals, and other AIPI fellows to conduct meaningful research while fostering dialogue that advances tribal and non-tribal initiative through the use of cutting edge thinking, research, and dissemination of published materials.  


The Fellowship Experience                                     

Fellows are encouraged to bring to the forefront value-added knowledge derived from centuries-old traditional tribal practices infused with contemporary knowledge-skills.  This diverse approach, blended with the fellow’s focused areas of study, can lead us to strengthen our knowledge base while moving us to more open-minded perspectives and shared visions.

Fellows engage in a variety of special enrichment activities:

  • Individual research projects advancing both the researcher’s and AIPI’s agenda for increased knowledge
  • Opportunities to publish research results in a variety of forums including conferences, seminars, and lecture series
  • Other programs hosted by AIPI, fellow partner programs, and various government and non-profit organizations

Research Opportunities

The AIPI Fellows Program requires each Fellow to produce during their participation in the program a publishable-quality work of scholarship on a topic relevant to AIPI’s mission.  Prior to acceptance into the Fellows Program, candidates discuss and agree with the AIPI Executive Director a mutually agreed upon research topic.