A New Look for the AIPI Policy Update


EJ John

Senior Policy Analyst

We at AIPI are excited to continue our work on tribally-driven research and policy solutions into 2023. One important part of work is researching and publishing our monthly policy update, and we are currently developing a new quarterly format to present that information. Up until now, we have published a monthly comprehensive document covering a wide range of activity from Congress, federal agencies, and the Arizona legislature. Our new quarterly policy update will now cover a three month period, and will be designed to focus on important actions affecting Indian Country. The new quarterly format will apply to our federal, state, and federal register updates beginning in March 2023 and will continue to be sent to our email list

The information that goes into our monthly update covers numerous government websites and databases and publishing a comprehensive list of actions is a significant amount of information to read through on a regular basis. Therefore, we want to revamp our policy update publication to make it something more practical and accessible, and something that is easier to fit into your busy schedule. We will also continue to bring your attention to any significant policy actions that might be more timely than our new quarterly format. Please follow AIPI on social media and our AIPI blog for timely updates and other important notices.