Areas of Expertise

Research and Policy Analysis

AIPI is a think-tank and our primary focus is American Indian public-policy analysis and research. We have expertise in telecommunications, communications, broadband, digital inclusion, technology for language retention, and technology as the backbone for community and economic development.

Language and Culture

The AIPI actively supports Tribal goals for language retention and cultural sovereignty.  We see this as a holistic part of community and economic development. 

Education and Training

AIPI is known nationally for our Tribal Financial Manager Certification (TFMC) training and for our entrepreneurship and innovation classes and workshops now rebranded as Inno-NATIONS; these trainings and classes are part or our Tribal Economic Leadership (TEL) Program.  We also provide training and education in digital literacy, digital storytelling, media training, communications best practices, leadership development, and workforce initiatives. 

Community Engagement

Community and economic development is vital to Indian Country. We support Native nation building as an exercise of sovereignty by tribal nations. We work with tribal communities, tribal organizations, and organizations serving tribes.