We are halfway through the Fall 2022 cohort of the Indigenous Leadership Academy (ILA)! We’ve had the honor of having very talented guest speakers during each module. We are so appreciative of all our guest speakers for modules two through five. These experts in their respective fields imparted their knowledge, shared their insights, and gave their time to the ILA. You can read more about each of the amazing guest speakers below. 

This is a repost of a previous blog. Networking is such an important piece of leadership and an integral part of the Indigineous Leadership Program. I thought it appropriate that it be shared again. Thank you for reading the Indigenous Leadership Academy blog. Please sign up for our email list here

The Indigenous Leadership Academy (ILA) is set to begin this week. This cohort of participants represent 15 tribes from 8 states and Washington D.C. This is a benchmark for the ILA and we are excited to share our journey. The 10 module program is designed with guest speakers for each module. These guest speakers have expertise in their field which directly relates to each module. For module 1 we are delighted to have Dr. Angela Gonzales as our facilitator.

The Indigenous Leadership Academy Application is now open! In this blog post, I wanted to answer some questions I’ve gotten from people about the Indigenous Leadership Academy. If you are an Indigenous person who wants to be a contributor to your community you should apply to this academy!

When does the application open?

The application is open now! You can apply here: https://bit.ly/3ne1rvJ

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