February was a productive month at AIPI with events, multiple training’s, and representation at external events. As you can see, we participated in several events related to digital equity, digital inclusion, and digital sovereignty, with Dr. Morris and EJ John, both imparting different sets of expertise in the space at different events.  

It’s the end of the year, and everyone (that I know because I’m of a certain generation) on social media is posting their Spotify Wrapped 2022 playlist.  So as I started thinking about the end of the year for AIPI and being a music person, I naturally saw the correlation. 

September was a busy month, as fall months always are.  Here at AIPI we were all over participating in multiple events and meetings. And, our second cohort of the ILA is off to an amazing start! In addition to these events, as Ford Foundation grantees, I was invited to participate in the Ford Foundation Technology + Society Grantee Retreat held September 20-21, at Foxhall Resort, a retreat center outside of Atlanta, GA.

If you have not checked out what we’re up to lately, I encourage you to take a look. I’m so excited about what the AIPI team is accomplishing. About how they’ve grown and gelled as a team.  All you have to do is read about what’s going on with the Indigenous Leadership Academy’s second cohort of 27 emerging leaders from 15 tribal nations in 8 states and Washington, DC. Or take a look at our recent policy and research publications on a major Supreme Court Ruling and FCC Data Collection.

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