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Welcome to the ASU American Indian Policy Institute's Official Blog.  The purpose of this blog is to provide an immediate way to get vital information out to Tribal Nations, to provide a more interactive space for information to get out to those working with Native Nations and to provide a more personal space for stories related. This is an educational space. Therefore, all writing is done by AIPI staff, will be vetted by leadership, and will have links or documentation to support concepts, ideas, and topics. If you have any concerns or suggestions about the blog please contact us directly.

ILA Module 1 Facilitator & Guest Speaker

August 24, 2022  /  Kristen Talbert

The Indigenous Leadership Academy (ILA) is set to begin this week. This cohort of participants represent 15 tribes from 8 states and Washington D.C.…


Indian Country Summary of Responses to Oklahoma v. Castro

July 25, 2022  /  Sadie Vermillion

On June 29, 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) delivered a decision that reverberated throughout all of Indian Country. In the…

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So What I'm Hearing From You Is....?

July 21, 2022  /  Kristen Talbert

The Indigenous Leadership Academy Fall 2022 Cohort application closes tomorrow, at midnight MST.. There’s still time to apply! You can learn more…

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A Season of Change

July 11, 2022  /  Traci Morris

So much change. There’s been so much change in such a short period of time. In late 2019, AIPI had just published the Tribal Technology Assessment…

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Thought Leaders Fellows Program

July 4, 2022  /  Kristen Talbert

For 2022-2023, the American Indian Policy Institute is grateful to announce the renewal of the inaugural cohort of the Thought Leaders Fellowship…

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ILA Fall 2022 Cohort Is Now Open!

June 27, 2022  /  Kristen Talbert

The Indigenous Leadership Academy Application is now open! In this blog post, I wanted to answer some questions I’ve gotten from people about the…

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NCAI Mid Year Conference Preview

June 9, 2022  /  Beth Santistevan

The National Congress of the American Indians (NCAI) Mid-Year conference is taking place in person next week, June 12th-16th, in Anchorage, Alaska.…

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The Importance of ICWA Foster Homes: A Personal Account

May 27, 2022  /  Sadie Vermillion & Kristen Talbert

*Editor’s Note: This article was a collaboration between AIPI Policy & Research Assistant Sadie Vermillion and ILA Program Coordinator Kristen…

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An Indigenous Approach to Mental Health

May 19, 2022  /  H. Trostle

This month, we celebrate the resilience of all those who live with mental illness and those who have passed on after battling mental illness. Among…

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